Friday, August 6, 2010

Sick Or Exhausted

Since running The San Francisco Marathon I've not been feeling like myself.  I did run a couple of times in the week following the marathon but did not push it as my quads were still sore.  The last couple of days I've had this sore throat and woke up today with a cough and zero motivation.  Just feeling "blah".

Mommyrun mentioned that after a marathon the immune system is definitely down for the count and that I'm most likely exhausted and need to TAKE A BREAK.  Yes, all caps there because she yelled :) .  I did some searching and found an interesting article that stated "Exhaustive exercise can suppress athletes' immune systems; for example, studies have shown that runners who complete a marathon are six times more likely to develop a respiratory-system illness than non-marathoners."

So here I am on a Friday debating whether I should take the entire weekend off and see what happens.  Muscles are definitely feeling strong but the body is tired overall.

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