Saturday, August 28, 2010

Injuries Suck - Especially The Dumb Ones

Earlier this week I hurt my back.  The day it happened I needed my wifes help to get dressed (that was fun) and getting in and out of my car was a challenge.  The part that pisses me off is that I hurt my back......wait for it.....while I was brushing my teeth.  Yes, I could not run for most of this week because I hurt my back brushing my teeth.  Simply bent over to spit and WHAM!!!  something got tweaked.

The hardest part of this injury was not dealing with the reactions from my family and friends when I explained what had happened, but rather dealing with the simple fact that I was not capable of putting in the mileage I wanted to this week.  It seems that since The San Francisco Marathon my schedule has been so busy that I'm just struggling to fit in runs.  My wife suggested I put together another training plan as I seem to do better if I have a daily goal instead of just seeing whatever I can squeeze in.  I think she's right and will setup a schedule after the Long Beach Half.

Getting injured sucks.  Getting injured while performing basic oral hygiene is simply pathetic.  :(

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