Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's Official. I'm In Club 26.2

This past Sunday I completed my first marathon ever.  The San Francisco Marathon.  The course was tough but beautiful and I'm glad to say that I joined club 26.2 on this course.  Having grown up in the area I have many fond memories of the city.  Running across the Golden Gate Bridge, through Golden Gate Park as well as the surrounding areas gave me the inspiration I needed to cross the finish line in 4:40.  While I may not have been the fastest runner out there, I think I was certainly having the most fun.  I did train enough for the hills.  Running problem.  Running, quads sure felt it.  But I loved the challenge.

One emotion I did not expect to feel is depression and/or sadness.  To tell you the truth, I'm kind of bummed that the whole experience is over.  The past 7 months I have dedicated myself to this event.  Now it's over.  I did sign up for the Huntington Beach Marathon in February 2011 and that has helped somewhat but I really do miss the routine I was on for this event.  On to the next challenge.

I will also be running the Long Beach Half Marathon in October of this year.  Then when I cross the finish line in Huntington Beach, I'll be able to pick up my California Dreamin' Series medal as well.

Thanks to all the friends I made on Twitter that provided encouragement as well as my family (especially my wife).  Could not have done this event without you.

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  1. You rocked the San Fran Marathon!! and you will rock the Huntington too. The depression will pass as you get ready for the next.